Happy Holidays – Week In Review.

21 12 2007

Firstly, I must make an apology to my local EB Games. I now Understand that it is once again EA’s fault that I am currently deprived of Rock Band. I AM getting a copy in next week’s shipment, however. But, due to EAs Handiwork, you know what this means:



I finally get to use that. lol 😛

Anywho, This will be the Last post until Next Friday which is when I (theoretically) should finally have Rock Band. And a PS3 😛

News This Week:

EA fucks Canada right up our ass

New DNF trailer is herald of the Apocalypse

That’s pretty much it for this week 😛

Webcomic of the Week: Penny Arcade – Straight Tripping

Well, I’m out for the Holidays

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A Rock Band Update

20 12 2007

Well, It seems that my DLC is coming out, but EB Games has decided to fuck me over. Just got a phone call saying it wont be until the 28th, and that I didn’t make the cut for copies. When I asked how many they were getting, they said “We don’t know yet”. I’M FIFTH IN FUCKING LINE! HOW CAN YOU TELL ME IM NOT GETTING ONE WHEN YOU DON’T KNOW HOW MANY COPIES YOU’RE GETTING!?!?!?!


img_sprite1.gif–Kyle “Jastrick”

The end times are upon us

19 12 2007

It’s been a long time since I last posted a trailer. I figured that this one was worth it. This is the first sign of the coming apocalypse. The last sign will be the game actually being released. Then fire will rain down from the heavens, as the four Nukems of the apocalypse ride from hell on their demonic strippers, bringing death and destruction to us all, until the final showdown between Duke and the Anti-Duke, which will shatter all the urinals on the earth, whose debris shall wipe out the human race.

Erm……. Anyway……….

Apologies for not doing a post on either Friday or Monday. I was…… screw it, I’m not going to lie. After exams were done, all I wanted to do was eat, play games and sleep. Which is exactly what I have been doing, and enjoying it.

Rock Band is FINALLY released in Canada tomorrow. The suspense is killing me. I am 5th in line, so as long as my store gets in over 4 copies, I’m set. Having a bunch of friends over tomorrow as well, so I’m gonna have fun Rocking out. The only thing that slightly worries me now is that there have been no announcements about DLC here in Canada. Even the new song pack that was released yesterday is US only. Here’s to hoping that they flip on the “Canada Too” switch on Xbox Live tonight.

Alas, I must apologize for another short post, as I am very busy here at work and with the holiday season. We have some big changes planned for the site for next year, so stick around. We’ll be talking more about those later.

Lastly, Good luck to Persopolian who is going in for his surgery today. Get well soon man. I need a drummer for Rock Band 😛

img_sprite1.gif–Kyle “Jastrick”

Status Update: Of Holidays and Surgery.

19 12 2007

So, just a quick update. Jastrick will be on christmas holidays for a bit (though he’ll have access to the net, so he SHOULD be doing posts), and I will be going under the knife tomorrow for open hear surgery. No worries, I’ve had them before, but it does mean posts will be few and far between from me for the next few weeks, at least. Have a Merry Christmas, and keep your thumbs callused.



The most awful/wonderful time of the year.

12 12 2007

Hi everybody! I’m back!

My Exams are finally OVER! Ah, the joy of finally returning from the Dead. Now I know what Zombies feel like. Although this next two weeks are going to KICK ASS. My copy of Rock Band comes in Next Thursday (#5 in Line. I’d say I have a 95% chance), I FINALLY get to finish Mass Effect tonight (Haven’t been able to play much due to exams), and then it’s Christmas! Fuck Yeah! I’m about 90% sure I’m getting my PS3 (60GB, best case, 80GB worst case).

 Was a big scare with Rock Band this weekend when Future Shop and Best Buy decided that they were going to hoard their copies until the 28th, but this was very quickly cleared up thanks to Harmonix Staffers on their Forums. Game ships out Monday! w00t!

I have to wonder how stupid some people really are. There’s a store in West Edmonton Mall that has INSANE prices, but this one I believe truly takes the cake. The owner has imported a bunch of Copies of Rock Band from the states. I figured I would stop in to see how much they were in the event that my EB Games doesnt manage to get 5 copies of the game in stock. FIVE. HUNDRED. DOLLARS. DEAR GOD. 

That’s right, Over double the 169.99 MSRP. I have NO idea how this store manages to keep buisness. It IS a tourist trap I guess. Some idiots will probably willingly cough up the $499.99.

One last thing before I go. I photoshopped this in case Rock Band was indeed delayed. But it looks like I don’t have much use for it now. Enjoy 😛 (Click Image to Enlarge).


I’m sorry for the general length of this post (or lack thereof), but I’m Exhausted. I’m going to sleep/eat/play Mass Effect.

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Status Report

6 12 2007

So, we’re still around. Final exams/assignments and games have made us a little busy, so don’t expect too much writing until next week.

That being said, I wanted to comment on a few things, mostly relating to Gerstmanngate. I was hoping to do a post that discussed media relations with publications, based on a keynote that I heard in Winnipeg two years ago during the Western Prairie Northern Canadian University Press conference (WPNCUP). The speech was by Andrew Potter, who basically summed up his thoughts on “culture jamming”, which he published in a book he co-wrote with Joseph heath called The Rebel Sell.

The speech and book both left me with a lot to think about in terms of how media publications deal with advertisers, and why it may be better for them to have revenue through advertising than it would be to be entirely subscription based.

Unfortunately, I’m a little too tired to write it all out—hence all the linking—but also, I’ve been given something new to synthesize with Potter’s statements. N’Gai’s thesis on the contempt that publishers have for enthusiast press is insightful and reveals a lot more than I ever knew about the profession that I strive to attain.


kefka.gif Persepolian

[update] Playing Telephone: Gerstmann “Lynched” by his own petard

1 12 2007

Disclaimer: I’ve never been one to report rumor as fact or support that act in anyway. What is being presented here is a series of facts and ideas about a very important, and probably very complicated, series of events. Whether they are causational or coincidental is up for interpretation, but nothing more.

[UPDATE] Wow. All I can say is, this makes me very happy. Good on you, 1up.

[UPDATE] So, maybe I was a little naive about the whole thing. 1up’s coverage of the issue says that sources are now pointing to Stephen Colvin, former President and CEO of Dennis Publishing—the group responsible for publications like Maxim, Blender and Stuff as the catalyst for the whole thing.

Stephen Colvin, former President and CEO of Dennis Publishing — the group responsible for publications like Maxim, Blender and Stuff — became CNET’s Executive Vice President at the end of October. One of Colvin’s jobs would be to oversee the growth of CNET websites, including GameSpot.

On Valleywag, an alleged GameSpot insider has come forward to deliver an anonymous response to musings on the Internet the last few days. One of his comments supports our belief the recent changes in management could be trickling down to GameSpot editorial:

“I was in the meeting where Josh Larson [Executive Editor replacement for now Electronic Arts employee Greg Kasavin] was trying to explain this firing and the guy had absolutely no response to any of the criticisms we were sending his way. He kept dodging the question, saying that there were “multiple instances of tone” in the reviews that he hadn’t been happy about, but that wasn’t Jeff’s problem since we all vet every review. He also implied that “AAA” titles deserved more attention when they were being reviewed, which sounded to all of us that he was implying that they should get higher scores, especially since those titles are usually more highly advertised on our site.”

So far all of this is still alleged, and we don’t know for sure if this poster is legit. That being said, it doesn’t look good for Gamespot, and it indeed hasn’t since this whole forest fire was sparked. A lot of people, including the illustrious neogaf forums, are following the sentiments of a former editor of mine by boycotting CNet altogether.

This shit is getting tense, and I think it’s coming to a climax pretty soon. I know I am.