History Repeats Itself

26 11 2007


 Another weekend goes by, and another Saturday post is non-existent. Eh, what do you expect?

Well, we’re in the last week of November, and you know what that means: All the major game releases (save for Rock Band up here in the Great White North), have come and gone. And with such a large mass of releases, I figure that instead of doing Individual reviews, I’d just give you a shitload of impressions. Enjoy! 

Week One:

Call of Duty 4(X360):

This game is Beautiful, almost photorealistic. The multiplayer is very fun, and the perks system adds a very interesting element to gameplay. The single player campaign is fairly short, and can be completed within an afternoon. Feels much more like Call of Duty than the third installment did. Also, includes Awesome Rap song!

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games(Wii):

An semi-interesting collection of Minigames, some that hearken back to Raving Rabbids, while others have roots in Wii Sports. It’s an interesting diversion, but not all that exciting otherwise.

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn(Wii):

Think Fire Emblem, on the Wii. That’s it. You can tell it was originally being designed with the Cube in mind. No Wii functionality whatsoever. Although, the ability to import your old characters from Path of Radiance is a very nice, and welcomed, touch.

Sam and Max Season Two: Episode One: Ice Station Santa(PC):

Makes some major improvements over season one. The street has been compacted somewhat (by a giant walking death machine), which makes it easier to navigate. Double clicking now makes Sam run, and a wonderfully implemented hint system has been added as well. You can turn it off if you wish (default setting) and you can control how often your fellow characters will pipe up to add in their two cents.

Week Two:

Super Mario Galaxy(Wii):

Best Game Ever? Quite possibly. A true spiritual sequel to the N64 hit Super Mario 64, this game is pure awesomeness. It has just the right amount of Intuitive Wiimote functionality, and the game looks beautiful, easily the best looking on the console. I can’t wait for my second playthrough, this time as Luigi. One of the best

Assassin’s Creed(X360):

Something of a dissapointment. While the world is beautiful and very open, the missions can get VERY repetitive. Also, the amount of time that it takes to travel from city to city while trying to look inconspicuous to the guards is something of a gamebreaker, taking an EXTREMELY long time. This game failed to live up to the hype for me.

Contra 4(DS):

Ah, a return to controller-breaking goodness. Except this time, instead of breaking your controller, you’ll want to shove your stylus through your screen. Luckily, for those of you new to the series, it includes 3 different difficulty settings, with the highest being mind-fuckingly insane. Both screens are used to create huge worlds. And yes, the code is present.

Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops +(PSP):

Konami’s expansion to their very well done PSP title is also something of a dissapointment. Unlike any other Metal Gear games, this online multiplayer expansion lacks a story, and even though it’s mainly for multiplayer, still feels weird for the series. At least it’s only $20.

Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles(Wii):

Capcom’s Resident Evil inspired lightgun shooter takes you through the first few games in the series (oddly skipping Resident Evil 2) and chronicles the fall of the umbrella corporation. The game plays very well and is a very fun addition to any Wii library. A large variety of weapons to unlock and secrets to collect cranks up the replay value.

Week #3:

Mass Effect(X360):

/Joy :D. This is the holiday game that I’ve been waiting for. Coming from local studio Bioware, Mass Effect is truly a game to enjoy. The combat is well done, combining a shooter with an RPG as deep as Final Fantasy or The Elder Scrolls. There are some problems though, mainly with texture pop-in and the sections of the game where you drive the Mako, your tank-like vehicle. Those I could easily do without.

Link’s Crossbow Training(Wii):

This fun little pack-in for the wii sets a series of target games within the land of Hyrule. Using the TP engine, the game looks fairly nice. There are only 9 levels, however, so it’s done fairly quick, although you can always improve your scores.

Rock Band(X360):

Rock Band is….oh wait….DAMN IT!

img_sprite1.gif–Kyle “Jastrick”