Pix3l Nati0n was founded in 2007 by Kyle “Jastrick” and Ramin “Persopolian”, for no apparent reason. Well, there is a reason, and that is that we’re both cynical douchebags who wanted to get in on the latest techno-craze. With mass gaming knowledge, a will to write, and a 2500 page book of swear and cuss-words, we are here to bring you the latest reviews, events coverage, and our own general opinions on shit.

Kyle “Jastrick”

img_sprite1.gif An owner of 18 different consoles, and a total 0f 342 games for said consoles, Kyle has all sorts of experience to share. Kyle also writes for the University of Alberta newspaper, the Gateway, often doing game-related articles. In his spare time, he hunts fanboys for sport, mocking them with his vast amounts of consoles, and smashing through their arguments with pure cynicism.

Jastrick[] - brought to you by TripleTags.com

Jastrick[] - brought to you by TripleTags.com

Ramin “Persopolian”

kefka.gif Ramin also writes for the Gateway, but has been there quite a bit longer than Kyle. Ramin also plays more PC than console. However, he is very passionate in his opinion, so don’t try and argue with him. Really. I’m warning you. Piss him off and he will hunt you down, kill you, and then use the sands of time to kill you 100 times over again.

Update Schedule

The Blog is updated Every Day except Sunday, With Kyle writing on Monday/Wednesday/Friday and Ramin on Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday


2 responses

30 11 2007
Tyler Miller

This site I radical/badical. Consider yourselves linked. Keep up the awesome content.

12 12 2007


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