The most awful/wonderful time of the year.

12 12 2007

Hi everybody! I’m back!

My Exams are finally OVER! Ah, the joy of finally returning from the Dead. Now I know what Zombies feel like. Although this next two weeks are going to KICK ASS. My copy of Rock Band comes in Next Thursday (#5 in Line. I’d say I have a 95% chance), I FINALLY get to finish Mass Effect tonight (Haven’t been able to play much due to exams), and then it’s Christmas! Fuck Yeah! I’m about 90% sure I’m getting my PS3 (60GB, best case, 80GB worst case).

 Was a big scare with Rock Band this weekend when Future Shop and Best Buy decided that they were going to hoard their copies until the 28th, but this was very quickly cleared up thanks to Harmonix Staffers on their Forums. Game ships out Monday! w00t!

I have to wonder how stupid some people really are. There’s a store in West Edmonton Mall that has INSANE prices, but this one I believe truly takes the cake. The owner has imported a bunch of Copies of Rock Band from the states. I figured I would stop in to see how much they were in the event that my EB Games doesnt manage to get 5 copies of the game in stock. FIVE. HUNDRED. DOLLARS. DEAR GOD. 

That’s right, Over double the 169.99 MSRP. I have NO idea how this store manages to keep buisness. It IS a tourist trap I guess. Some idiots will probably willingly cough up the $499.99.

One last thing before I go. I photoshopped this in case Rock Band was indeed delayed. But it looks like I don’t have much use for it now. Enjoy 😛 (Click Image to Enlarge).


I’m sorry for the general length of this post (or lack thereof), but I’m Exhausted. I’m going to sleep/eat/play Mass Effect.

img_sprite1.gif–Kyle “Jastrick”




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18 12 2007
dinosaur fact

Stumbled upon your blog a week ago and decided to come back. Not for the articles you write, but for how you write them, really amazing stuff you’re doing here, i like how you put information into the articles which makes it much more easier to read and much more interesting of course. Keep up the good work!

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