Status Report

6 12 2007

So, we’re still around. Final exams/assignments and games have made us a little busy, so don’t expect too much writing until next week.

That being said, I wanted to comment on a few things, mostly relating to Gerstmanngate. I was hoping to do a post that discussed media relations with publications, based on a keynote that I heard in Winnipeg two years ago during the Western Prairie Northern Canadian University Press conference (WPNCUP). The speech was by Andrew Potter, who basically summed up his thoughts on “culture jamming”, which he published in a book he co-wrote with Joseph heath called The Rebel Sell.

The speech and book both left me with a lot to think about in terms of how media publications deal with advertisers, and why it may be better for them to have revenue through advertising than it would be to be entirely subscription based.

Unfortunately, I’m a little too tired to write it all out—hence all the linking—but also, I’ve been given something new to synthesize with Potter’s statements. N’Gai’s thesis on the contempt that publishers have for enthusiast press is insightful and reveals a lot more than I ever knew about the profession that I strive to attain.


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