All you have to do is ask nicely — Week in Review

30 11 2007

Well, it appears that I was wrong after all. My apologies to Microsoft for any ill-intent on my part. Starting next week I will be able to use all features of Xbox Live, WITHOUT parental consent. 😀

Now, lets get onto this:


New Games This Week:

For the first time since the first week of October, Absolutely None.


News Stories this Week:

Full Xbox Live fall update details finally announced.

Pokemon Snap coming to VC….WITH ADDED WII FUNCTIONALITY. The first of a continuing trend, I hope.

Nintendo has no plans for first-party western development……outside Retro.

Metal Gear Solid 4 must sell 1 million copies on day one to make a profit.

Ex-Bioshock developers form new 2K studio…… to make Bioshock 2?

Nintendo and Microsoft Fail Greenpeace survey. Sony passes with flying colors.

Jack Thompson vs Geoff Keighley, Tonight! Only on Gamehead!

Classic Smash Bros Melee stages returning for Brawl.

80+ new BC titles for Xbox 360.


Webcomic of the Week:

Digital Unrest – Space For Rent

img_sprite1.gif — Kyle”Jastrick”




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