Unable to age, eh? That could be useful…….

28 11 2007


Not good at any game except for Halo? Hah! I’m not even any good at that! Seriously though, I kick ass 😛 (I can beat Persopolian at most games, so smeh. Let him have his fantasies). All I’m saying is that over time, Assassin’s Creed does get VERY repetitive, and that I’d more enjoyably be playing Mass Effect (which I get to play today for the first time in 4 days. Stupid Homework).

First of all, I’d like to congratulate Nintendo on making 350k Wii sales last week. This is surely a huge leap forward for them. In other news, 25 people are dead after being trampled to death during Black Friday…………

Anyways, onto the point of Today’s post. I have a MAJOR problem with Microsoft’s stance on age, or lack of therein. It seems that Microsoft doesn’t understand the fact taht people do eventually get older. For example, I first got my Xbox Live account back in 2003, when I got my original Xbox. At the time I was 15. I am now 19, and will be 20 within a few months. However, Microsoft, in all their infinite wisdom, has decided that I shall forever be 15, and that certain features on Xbox Live will forever be out of my reach. Xbox Live Messenger? Nope, you need to be over 18 for that. Their new “social networking” system being added in the fall update? Guess what? Also 18+.

Now, this never bothered me that much before these events. Why? because of the Parental Controls, I could Un-block everything. I could make it so I could Add whoever I wanted as a friend, or Download whatever I want. However, due to the geniuses over there in Seattle, I cannot use these new features. I understand that “The Xbox is for Games” and that these features are not necessary, but I feel that I am being ripped off, and not getting my money’s worth.

What really aggrivates me is Microsoft’s stance on the issue, that being that it’s non-existent. I first discovered this back in March, with the advent of the Spring update, and I was assured by Microsoft customer support that it would be fixed in the fall update. The update is now out in under a week, and there has been no word on such a feature. What’s worse, is that when I again contacted Microsoft about the issue, I was told that I should just “create a new account”. Thanks, but I’d rather NOT lose all my Save Games and my Achievements, let alone my around $80-100 of DLC and Xbox Live Arcade Games.

Ah well, there’s still 6 days until the launch of the new update, and there are supposedly many still-unnanounced features that will be revealed between now and then. Here’s hoping…… ah who am I kidding. If you’ll excuse me, this 15-year-old needs to get back to his 9-5 office job.

img_sprite1.gif–Kyle “Jastrick” 




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