Should have payed the extra $13 – Week in Review. UPDATE!

23 11 2007

Huh. He texts me during an exam to tell me to do my post, yet when I tell him to do his, he tells me to screw off because He’s playing Mass Effect. Hmm……

Anyways, I am in a sad way right now. I have come to realize that I should have payed the extra monies to get my Mass Effect LE airshipped to me. Now everyone I know is playing this game, and I am left here in sadness. The target recieve date is today, though, so I’m keeping my Fingers crossed :D. (Got it! Yes!)

In the time waiting to recieve Mass Effect, I’ve completed Mario Galaxy, and started both Assassin’s Creed, and Umbrella Chronicles. But, More on that for Monday. Behold! The new Week in Review!

New Games This Week:

Mass Effect – in transit

Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles

Link’s Crossbow Training

MGS: Portable Ops +

Contra 4

Rock Band (Oh, wait. Delayed until Dec 17! /sad)


Stories this week:

New assist trophy from Sin and Punishment revealed on

The First Halo 3 Map Pack is coming December 11th.

Certain Copies of Guitar Hero 3 are Missing things. IMPORTANT Things.

Manhunt 2 is cause of grief again for ESRB. Wasn’t this game a flop anyways?

A PS2 Port of NiGHTS (the Original) is being released in Japan. No word yet on North American Release.

Mario Galaxy sells 500k copies in it’s first week.

Rock Band Shortages in the US. At leas I’m not the only one.

Assassin’s Creed is the fastest selling new IP in 5 years.

The PS3 GHIII controller doesn’t play nice with Rock Band.

Ocarina of Time Reclaims top spot on


Webcomic of the Week:

Assassin’s Feed.

See you on Monday.





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