“Quarters! A Million Allowances Worth of Quarters! No Slugs or Tokens!”

19 11 2007


Hey all. What a wonderful week we had last week, eh? One posts and then we were done. While I can’t say the same for Persopolian(has he EVER done a saturday post?), I believe I have a truly valid reason for not being here. Super. Mario. Galaxy.  ’nuff said. The game is AWESOME I must say I agree with gamerankings that this truly is the Best Game Ever. 12 More stars to go and I unlock <spoiler alert> luigi. I also picked up Assassin’s Creed last week. The game is VERY solid, and It was pretty fun. The “sci-fi” twist gets revealed within the first 5 minutes however. So far, it seems pretty good. I’ll have to go back and finish it after I finish up Galaxy, if I can manage to do that before my Mass Effect LE comes in the mail. I made a vow to myself that I wouldn’t start Mass Effect until after my final exams, as I KNOW it will cause my marks to drop by a minimum of 10%. Don’t believe me? When Oblivion came out, I made it my goal to complete EVERY quest, and nearly failed Grade 12 math because of it. I guess we see how long I can hold out.

 Last week I finally got my $168 back from Microsoft for my RROD last february, and honestly, I’ts very welcomed. I think I’ve spent over $1000 the past two months on games. It’s insane. Come to think of it, that should pay for all but $1.99 of Rock Band on Dec 18 -_-

God Damn it, I’ve got a broken scanner here. I really need to stop writing while at work.





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