Fear Not! I’ve Come Prepared!

8 11 2007

Well, I know I promised a Simpson’s Game Review, but I’ve decided that I said all I needed to say with my impressions last friday. Instead, You get my thoughts on some things. Joy.

 Call of Duty 4……..This game is AWESOME. This is one of the games that fell off the radar for me. Heck, This game almost was cut from my Holiday shopping list. I’m truly glad that I didn’t. So glad Infinity Ward was back at the reins. I actually never played the third in the series. It’s a bastard child to me. The game takes everything that was excellent in the second, brings it into the present day, and adds a shitload of customization to it. Highly recommended.

The heads from Konami teased us earlier this week with 3 of the 5 locations that MGS4 will take place in (Middle East, South Africa, Eastern Europe) and the fifth location will be somewhere we’ve been waiting to go for the past 20 years (Outer Haven, anyone?). But what of the other secret location. For those of you who’ve seen the new trailer, watch it again. When Snake is in REX and Liquid is in RAY, fighting one another, look at the terrain. Look familiar? Shadow Moses, Bitches!

I am very tired so that’s all for today. I’ve developed a new format for my “Week in Review” segments, so You’ll see that on Friday.

img_sprite1.gif–Kyle “Jastrick”




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