Now join me in this time of celebration.

5 11 2007

For those of you who didn’t know, long ago in september, the 12th, to be exact, there was National Video Games day in the US. At first, I was wondering why there was a day, but now I realize that there should be a time of celebration for our hobby. That time is now. I always found the placing of Video Game Holidays sort of odd. National Video Game Day is in September, and Winter-een-mas is in January. However, i believe that it makes the MOST sense to have a Video Game Holiday in November. When else during the year are we surrounded by Hundreds of New titles coming out every week? I hereby move to make November “Video Game Month”. All for? “AYE!” All Opposed? “…nay!” …Who keeps saying that?

 Manhunt is turning out to be VERY underwhelming. Think of a dumbed down Splinter Cell, with the violence cranked up to 11. There you have your game. The visuals are dissapointing, and overall I would not recommend this game to anyone looking for one of Rockstar’s A+ titles. By far my biggest annoyance with the game is the 10 minute long “splatter” tutorial at the very beginning of the game. 10 minutes of swinging the remotes to a blank screen and endless splatter noises. Sounds like FUN.

Rock Band went Gold today. I am in extreme-hype-mode for this game. I have been ever since playing it @ PAX. Pre ordered it to ensure my copy, so I don’t go through the same thing I did with Guitar Hero 3, and having to wait until after the holidays. Although, what will most likely happen is that I will play it for a week, then throw in Mass Effect, and do nothing else for the following month.

Bought my Tickets for Video Games Live in Calgary today. I went when they came to Edmonton in January, and liked it so much that me and 3 friends (none of which is Persepolian, sucker) are making a day trip down to Calgary to see the show. Will have pictures and video clips for Monday. Also, Simpsons Game Review on Wednesday!

img_sprite1.gif –Kyle “Jastrick”




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