Even Lazier People. Also, Cake.

31 10 2007

[UPDATE] So, WordPress was being annoying today

Just some quick notes today, kiddies. Jastrick and I have been fairly busy lately, what with him being a hypochondriac and me actually doing my school work/having a new job/getting published. Also, just to clear things up, we were to start our new writing schedule this week, so technically, he’s late on his post.

First thing, the New York Time’s resident gamer Seth Schiesel put up a pretty rad commentary on the discrepancy between how mature games are viewed when compared to mature movies or television. While it’s not really a new topic (and truth be told, I’m writing something similar for The Gateway) it’s written very well, and he makes a good point. Of course all of this is quite topical what with Rockstar’s Manhunt 2 out this week.

Not surprisingly, that game is getting some drastically mixed reviews.

So Jastrick was wetting himself this morning–which in-and-of itself isn’t strange–about the whole Lucas/Bioware deal. Considering how bloody vague the press release is about just they’ll be working on together, he’s assured himself that ludicrous idea of another Star Wars MMO this time set in the KOTOR universe. And we all know how that turned out the first time. While I don’t doubt Bioware’s ability to make an outstanding anything–and do doubt the validity of KotOR Online–I’m going to hold out for something a little more incredible, since we’re going with pipe dreams here.

Tomorrow Jastrick and I will be starting to test out some video impressions stuff with The Simpsons game. Thursday will be another edition of Under-Achiver.





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