Lazy, Lazy People – Week in Review

26 10 2007


Hi Everybody! Yesterday was Persopolian’s first day doing the new schedule, and he doesn’t post. Wonderful.

Sadly, My Halloween costume won’t be finished in time for this year, so I suppose that I’ll just have to postpone it to next year. It was Mjolnir (Halo) Armor. Smeh. Maybe We’ll throw up some pics of what Persepolian is dressing up as. HINT: It’s from Portal. If you’ve played the game, you probably know what it is.

 I picked up Zack and Wiki on Wednesday, Which is one of the best games for the Wii to date. I love the throwback to old pc-adventure titles. This game should be enough to hold off the Adventure bug until Sam and Max season 2 begins next month. I’ll probably do a review, depending on how I’m feeling next week. I am also announcing now that Pix3l Nati0n is unofficially joining Matt Cassamasina’s “Buy Zack and Wiki Campaign”. What are you waiting for? BUY IT! Judging by how much cash I’ve spent this week alone on games, this is going to be one fucking expensive holiday season. Kinda dissapointed that Castlevania: Dracula X got pushed up to next week, though.

Another week of Smash Bros Dojo updates has come and gone, with the reveal of a new Stage, a new Character, and an awesomely kick-ass feature previously seen in Halo 3, Skate, and THPG. First, Brawl just got very Meta with the announcement of the Pictochat stage, where you fight while random things get drawn. Then, King Dedede, Kirby’s arch-nemesis was confirmed as a playable character (Dear god, If they keep this up, they’ll soon rival the roster of MK:Armageddon). And finally, a saved films feature was announced. This is awesome, because once I kick your ass in the game, I can send you video after video of your humiliating defeat.

Burnout Paradise is being released on January 22nd. W00T!

 Wii Gift feature was announced. Buy VC games and send them to your friends!

Samba de Amigo was finally confirmed by Sega. Sadly, however, no Maracas will be released, as the Wiimote and Nunchuck apparently suffice. APPARENTLY.

Also, Assassin’s Creed has gone gold! God damnit, Why the same day as Mario Galaxy? WHY UBISOFT? WHY??

Well, I think that’s it for this week. If it gets favourable reviews, I MAY pick up Manhunt next week, So I may have my impressions here.


img_sprite1.gif–Kyle “Jastrick”




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