Very Late Review: Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

24 10 2007


Hey everyone. Sorry about the lack of updates, but stuff has come up( I’m Dying! Well, not really, but it sure as hell feels like it), including a possible new update schedule! W00T! Since Persopolian has a wonderful new job,  he seems to be unable to post for you on the previous schedule. So, I will be taking charge of MWF, where he will take Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Now, onto my review.

Believe it or not, but we are already on the third year for Nintendo’s Lovable dual-screened handheld, and it has taken these three years for us to finally recieve a Zelda game on the console. Those must have been a good three years, however, because this game is truly worth the wait.

Phantom Hourglass is a direct sequel to Link’s 2003 adventure, Wind Waker, and it is fairly obvious. For those of you who may never have played Wind Waker, don’t worry, there is a short re-cap of the previous title at the beginning of this game. This story follows Link, Tetra (Zelda), and her band of Pirates as they voyage out into the seas, and happen upon a mysterious ghost ship full of treasure. The find it, Tetra goes aboard, gets captured, Link knocked overboard, start adventure. After being woken up on a nearby island by the antichrist (a fairy, for crying out loud! I thought I was done with “Hello!” “Listen!” and “Hey!” once I finished Majora’s mask), Link sets out on his usual epic quest of finding treasure, slaying monsters, and saving the princess once again. However, this time, He’ll need the help of the sailor Linebeck (Best Zelda Character EVER, btw).

One main thing that makes Phantom Hourglass stand out from the pack is the fact that it only uses the stylus. The up and down buttons on the d-pad may open your map/inventory, but thats the only functionality that any of the DS’ buttons have. While it does take some getting used to, after about a half hour or so of gameplay it becomes instict. The ability to keep notes on your map (wish I had that in OOT, “23 is number 1”) is priceless.

The graphics are awesome by DS standards, due to the use of Cel-shading. It works with something that doesn’t look awful on a handheld.  The sound quality is awesome as well, with a soundtrack that, while repetitive at some times, can rival it’s Gamecube counterpart.

All in all, Phantom Hourglass = Must Buy= Very Yes


img_sprite1.gif –Kyle “Jastrick”




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