Only Update This Week!

17 10 2007


Wow. We’ve just begun this new update schedule and already we’ve missed two consecutive updates. Friday was Persopolian’s fault, that lazy ass, and Monday was mine, because I thought I was dying. No worries, I’m OK!

Well, After a very long wait, Sonic was finally confirmed for Brawl last week. I for one could not be happier, as it gives me hope that some of my other favorite characters could appear to be playable in nintendo’s brawler. The one which I am holding out for most, however, is the never-gonna-happen announcement of the Inclusion of the Master Chief. The delay does suck the big one, but It does give me more time to hang around with Mass Effect and Mario Galaxy next month.

 Also, Bioware-Pandemic was purchased by EA this week. Now EA gets to claim Mass Effect, Mercenaries and the like as some of their “new” IP’s. Bioware claims that they will remain distinct from EA, and I hope that stays true, as I hope to work there once I graduate. The only thing that scares me is the Worst-Case-Scenario that Bioware gets moved from my beloved home of Edmonton.

You’re probably wondering where your Phantom Hourglass review is. Truth is, Orange Box delayed my completing the game, so you’ll probably get it sometime next week. There will be no update on friday, due to Persepolian and I heading to Vancouver for WPNCUP, the Canadian University Press convention! Alcoholism FTW! Next week you will also (hopefully) see my Game-related Halloween costume I’ve been working on for the past month. Lastly, I will be covering VGL once it comes to Calgary on Nov 10. W00t!

 img_sprite1.gif–Kyle “Jastrick”




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