And then there were none.

3 10 2007


Above you see a simultaneous death about to happen (Persopolian dies first). That small little man THOUGHT he was better than me, but was obviously high off of his own crap-tacular-iffic-ness (I made a new word!). In the subsequent matches since that post, he has lost to me every time. But please, Don’t believe me, check my service record on

So, rumors have been flying around for the last few days or so that Bungie may have freed itself from Bill’s iron grasp. I doubt it. Bungie is BY FAR Microsoft Game Studios finest workshop. I think they would need to be insane to let Bungie go. That being said, I think that they would need to make some changes. I can understand that Bungie is tired of making halo. They’ve been on the series for nearly 10 years. I think thats a well-earned break, wouldn’t you say? Allow them to use their talents to craft another beautiful property. It can’t hurt for your console to have another good series, no? Doesn’t i just mean more profit for yourself? That being said, according to these rumors, is that Microsoft would retain the rights to Halo, and would get “first dibs” on all new Bungie titles. However, I doubt Microsoft Game Studios could take a hit like this, with the recent closing of FASA Studios and the sale of Bizzare Entertainment. That leave who? Ensemble? AOE and Halo Wars FTW!

Oh, and I picked up Phantom Hourglass yesterday. Pure Awesome. Should have review by Monday.

 img_sprite1.gif–Kyle “Jastrick”




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