“As long as she’s like, a 7, with a good personality, I’m happy”

1 10 2007

The handsome man in blue driving the warthog would be me. The poor red devil about to be crushed? Well, that’s Jastrick. You know, for a guy who blazed through Halo 2 multiplayer for years before I even touched the impure siren of console shooters, that guy really sucks against me.

Now, onto the post. You know, some people can be really petty. Don’t get me wrong, I can understand the tired diatribe of graphics being better than gameplay, or vice versa. I simply don’t understand people arguing about whether or not it’s ok to sacrifice graphical quality for performance. It takes a seriously cynical masochist to actually take the time to count individual fucking pixels in order to prove that Halo 3 isn’t playing in “High Definition”. Bungie’s response, by the way, is that they sacrificed that ever-so-important 80p so that they could better use HDR—the High Dynamic Range lighting system that made me have to change my underoos. While I understand the point that the dudes at Gamerawr were trying to make—that if the game isn’t at 720p, don’t stick that number on the box and lie to us—they should realize that it’s a very moot one.

Forgetting the fact that we used to think 480p was HD until Sony told us it wasn’t— and oh how wrong we were before our corporate masters showed us the path to salvation…actually, you know what? Let’s not forget that. Let’s remember it. Are we really discussing what is and isn’t HD anymore? Really? What happens when 1560p comes out? We’re gonna bitch that PGR 6 doesn’t actually run at 1080p, but rather, 1040p? Where’d that 40p go, Bizzare? What tangible effect does this have on your gameplay experience, in reality?

Grand Theft Auto and Metal Gear are both two immensely popular franchises who have at least one thing in common: neither of them look all that great. Sure, GTA had huge environments that got bigger with each game. Sure, MGS is known in part for it’s breath-taking in-game cutscenes. But GTA’s cities, while huge, had weak, flat textures and low-polygon…everything. MGS couldn’t keep a frame-rate steady to save its life—this is not including MGS 4 yet. These were the arguments we had about graphics before representative numbers ever came into it. Frankly, I think we did just fine for ourselves.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go cry about losing my DS in Seattle, and therefore having to miss playing two Zelda games in a row.





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