Mid-Week Report: Halo 3 thoughts

27 09 2007

The picture above was taken during a friendly Slayer match between Jastrick and I yesterday. In it, he is kneeing me in the face as I fired a rocket. It was quite a sweet death. If you go my profile on Bungie’s website, u can see the full video of it.

Jastrick may be putting up a full review on Friday, I thought I’d put my two cents on Halo 3 so far. Now, I’ve never really been a Halo fan–the Combine would crush the Covenant–and I’m not finished it quite yet, but preliminary impression is, this game is pretty rad. I think I’ll do bullet-points, since I actually want to go back to playing it and that seems like a quicker alternative to having to write my usually witty and better-than-kyle banter. For the record, I’ve been playing on Heroic.

– Graphics: For some reason, when I was first discussing my visual impression of the game, I likened it to the first time I saw Super Mario 64. The first two Halo games never really impressed me, visually. The textures were flat, the art design of the first game was bland. But this game definitely steps it up. While the textures are still sort of flat in areas—specially outdoor environments—the lighting is incredible. I’ve always loved HDR, but never more than at 1080p.

– Allied AI: I guess everyone at Bungie is a really terrible driver. It’s the only way I can fathom why, when I’m not riding in an AI driven car, it seems to go well, but as soon as I take up the turret or the passenger seat, they drive like a fucking retarded Chinese woman talking on her cellphone while fucking breast feeding! Also, the Arbiter must have taken that “suicide mission” idea from Halo 2 to heart, ’cause good fuck does he like to get shot and die.

– Enemy AI: Also, why the hell is it that the enemy AI is so much damn better than the allied AI? I mean, really, are humans just that stupid in this universe? Do you really need to be a Spartan to know that you shouldn’t stand directly in the line of fire? Anyways, the enemy AI is once again top-notch, to the point where they even use the deployables effectively.

– Voice Acting: I had a twenty-minute argument last night with a friend of mine about whether or not Nathan Fillion voiced some of the marines, and also, if Christopher Lee voiced the Prophet of Truth. i was right about Nathan Fillion. Truth is voiced by Terrance Stamp, once again being typecast as melevolent. The voice acting is all really good, even Keith David, who really doesn’t have as much to say this time around.

Well, that’s all for now. check back Friday for a full review, as well as a Weekly News Roundup, by me. Also, check in for future reviews, since we’re going to be investing in some HD capture gear, and trying out our chops at video reviews.





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