Prepping for the Launch of Pure Awesome

24 09 2007


Unfortunatley for myself, I am a huge sucker for Hype. Whether it be for a comic series (Civil War), a movie (Transformers), or a Video Game, If it is heavily promoted, I will fall into the clutches of anticipation. Such is the case with Halo 3. Almost a month ago, Halo was in the back of my mind. Bioshock had just been released, and Metroid Prime 3 was looming.  I had even yet to see the E3 trailer for the game, which I had somehow missed. Whilst away at PAX, I saw this trailer for the first time, and the realization of another Halo in under a month re-entered my thoughts. While there, I took advantage of being in the US to pick up no less than 4 cases of Mountain Dew Game Fuel, for the experience that would be coming very soon.

Upon my return home, Halo went back to the rear of my mind. Bioshock was just waiting to be finished,  which in turn was followed by Corruption. That was 2 weeks ago. Upon finishing MP3, I watched the Believe ads, which some people disliked, yet managed to whip me into a Halo frenzy. I went out and finally picked up the first issue of Halo: Uprising, and downloaded every new gameplay video I could find. I even finally went back and finished Ghosts of Onyx, which had been sitting on my shelf for quite a while. Then, beginning last week, I began playing through both Halo and Halo 2 once again on Legendary, to prepare myself for the task ahead. This took me around 6 days to accomplish, due to work, school, etc.

Now, In no less than 9 hours, Halo 3 will at last be mine. Honestly, I plan to avoid sleep tonight, and will be ‘sick’ from class tomorrow as well. Hmm….I wonder what the lethal doseage of Mountain Dew is…..I should probably keep to one can less….


img_sprite1.gif–Kyle “Jastrick”




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