Post-PAX Tho—oh GOD DAMN IT!

30 08 2007

So I had a really nice write-up done on how I felt about PAX, and for some reason it all went to shit. I hit publish, and by goly, would you look at that, only the first three god damn words showed up! I had a cute picture of a cat macro we made while we were there and EVERYTHING!

/sigh, fine, I’ll cut it short then, since the frakkin’ blog-gods don’t want me to update. Head over to Weekend Gamer. He’s got some great write-ups on being an Omeganaut, the Final Countdown, and PAX as it was. I had a great write-up too, but…oh, fine, I’ll shut up.

Tomorrow I’ll finally be getting my copy of Bioshock, which I will then proceed to weekend through. Being so old, I probably won’t review it. However, I will included it in an article I’m thinking of writing, about the industry scores games, and the trespasses we forgive video games that we would not accept in other mediums.


cat macro,

kefka.gif Persopolian




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