“This came way before The Godfather. The game, rather. Let’s not get crazy”

21 08 2007

Mafia 2

You know, every time a long awaited game sequel is announced, a little angel learns “Fly”.

To my glee, Take 2 announced today that is/has been developing Mafia 2 for PS3/Xbox 360/PC. For those of you who haven’t played it, Mafia: City of Lost Heaven was GTA-style game—driving, shooting, killing, and completing missions that involve all of those things—wrapped in a 1930’s Mafia setting. a PC/Xbox/PS2. As you can imagine, the story had to do with the Mafia, your character’s role in it, and the lessons he learns while climbing the ranks of the Cosa Nostra.

Take 2 promises Mafia 2 to be more than just an update to its predecessor:

“As the original Mafia was a big success, we are excited to leverage the power of next generation console technology to create an all-new experience, while embracing the elements that resonated with the previous game’s fans,” said Christoph Hartmann, President of 2K.

Personally, I really liked Mafia, strangely enough more for its story than its gameplay, which was flawed. I mean, really, who makes a mob game where the cops pick you up for fucking speeding? The story, however, was great for an original work. I mean, it’s no godfather or anything–’cause you know, it’s harder to create a story from scratch rather than rip it from a movie and make your protagonist a throw-away character. It had some very touching moments, however. I just hope they keep the spirit Illusion gave it, and don’t forgo story in favor of making it cinematic





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21 08 2007

I’m definitely interested in the game, but the gameplay flaws of it’s predecessor were too much for me to follow the story to completion. Hopefully those hurdles will be overcome though! I’ve got a soft spot for mobster themed anything. 😉

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