Cross-Media: The Simpsons Movie

30 07 2007


Sorry for the delay. We had a blackout last night in the Dorm i’m in.

Oh The Simpsons. For eight years, the World’s favorite cartoon family brought laughter, crude satire, and witty banter to the warm glow of television. For the following two-to-four years—depending on who you talk to—the humor and satire began to wane, becoming not only less funny, but repetitious. And now, going into its’ 18th year, The Simpsons has become a shell of its former self, an emptied out clusterfuck of rehashed jokes written by people whose only inspiration comes from the show’s golden years. So when it was announced there was to be a movie, a feature-length silver-screen version of Springfield, I, like many others, was more than skeptical.

I’ll get this right out of the way: this movie his funny. I mean really funny. There are more hilarious moments and witty satire in this film’s 87 minutes than most full-length comedies can dare to muster, not to mention in the last six seasons of The Simpons outright. And while a lot of the humor is more fan service than originality—though there’s originality a-plenty—it still works very well—mostly because these moments are paying homage to the show’s golden age.

It’s not all great, though. While the TV show has almost always casually trotted across the line between hilarious and indecent, there are moments in the movie that are obviously intended to remove the line all together. Anyone who reads the internet has already heard about Bart’s penis, but that’s just one of many other moments in the film where old jokes are taken to new levels. The problem here isn’t the jokes themselves—there’s actually very few jokes in this movie that don’t hit—but the fact that, because the show has already taken this family and city so far, these scenes seem just a little too obvious.

As a man known to live in extremes—which is not the same as too the max—this movie was make or break for me. Had it been a terrible movie, I swore that I would rebuke the series entirely, to the point where I’d stop randomly spuing non-sequitor quotes. But this movie, while not entirely redeeming the last few years, has reminded me why I loved the show in the first place. While it’s not nearly as funny as it used to be, The Simpsons Movie is definitely worth watching.

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