Microsoft Presser: Impressions

11 07 2007


Well, It sucks if you’re an American and you just watched the Xbox 360 Press Conference. Why? Because the biggest news out of Microsoft today was that Video Marketplace will be available outside of the USA. I dont mind this, as I’m canadian.

 However, what I do mind is how poor the Microsoft press conference was. All the games, save for one, shown during the event will be released this year. That being said, there were no major game announcements. A few new titles were revealed, like Viva Pinata Party Animals, which is Viva Pinata meets Mario Party, essentially. A couple Live arcade annoucnements as well, such as Marathon 2, as well as Sonic and Golden Axe which were both released this evening. PC announcements as well, Viva Pinata and Gears of War heading to PC (You get to fight the Brumak in this version of Gears, ooh). Also, a new Halo 3 trailer, although I’m fairly certain we all saw that one coming. Oh, and that “4th SKU”? Limited Edition Halo 3 Xbox 360. Meh.

 Now, two things really irked me about this evening. Both were major teases that never truly came to fruition. The first, which was a video of the only game to not be released this year shown during the event, was Unnamed by Peter Moore, Saying that It was the 360 version of a “Major Title” from a “Major Japanese Developer”. My first thoughts: MGS4. The trailer begins, Desert Scene. Current Thoughts: MGS4! HELL YEAH!. Trailer Continues, Zombies WTF?

The trailer ended up being for Resident Evil 5, which we already knew was headed to the console. The only problem is, this was completly unnecessary. Why? The trailer was unfinished, and was only about 10 seconds long, with the full trailer to be released July 26. Why even bother adding this in?

 The next thing that really made me angry was when Peter Moore showed us a video from Weta Studios, and Diretor Neill Blokampp. Gets me all hyped up, thinking Halo movie has been revived, but turns out just to be a “Live Action” ad for Halo 3. Pure annoyance.

 All in all, the Microsoft E3 2007 press conference was a MAJOR dissapointment for me. I can only hope that this is not a standard of whats to come from both Nintendo and Sony. I will post my Impressions of them after they air tomorrow.

img_sprite1.gif –Kyle “Jastrick” 




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