“It’s like he kicked his nuts with journalism…”

10 07 2007

Poor, unfortunate Jack Tretton.

While the PS3 $100 price cut for the 60gb SKU has been rumored and talked about for months, I’m glad at least someone called bullshit on it. I didn’t expect it to be CNBC, though. Little Jackie soldiers on, of course, in classic Sony PR fashion. While I do think the price cut is a good move for them—though the 80gb MotorStorm bundle is definitely not—I find it funny that the first news affiliate to question the move and motives behind it—and I mean really call bullshit—was not, say, a gaming magazine, but rather CNBC, from a completely monetary stand-point. I mention this because, as N’Gai Croal pointed out a bit ago, Sony’s timing of the announcement allows for it to be completely pummeled by the mad rush of gaming info coming out of E3. By the end of the Sony conference on Wednesday, most industry rags and sites will completely overlook it. Not all, mind you. But most.




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