Pure WTF

21 06 2007


Alrighty then. I’ve invented a new game. You take all the development studios in the world, and put their names into a hat. Then, you draw two names. Those two have to collaborate together to release a new game. Ready. ok?

First we have……..Bioware

and next we have………Sega.

 Alright then, Bioware and Sega must make a…………..Sonic RPG for the………Nintendo DS.

This is how I imagined that this game came into existence. Yes,  Bioware and Sega are making a Sonic RPG for the Nintendo DS. It may atually be…… decent? Aside from Sonic Rush (also for the DS), Sonic’s games have, well, sucked ass of late, with Secret Rings ,while still sucking, appeared to show some redemption to the series. I’m still confused on how this will play out, though. I keep imagining KotOR with Sonic the Hedgehog…….

img_sprite1.gif–Kyle “Jastrick”




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