Manhunt 2 Homeless

21 06 2007


Well, I think we all knew that Manhunt 2 was game that was going to be rife with controversy. Not even a day after the game was banned in Great Britan (an honour not bestowed upon any game since Carmageddon in 1997), as well as Ireland, Take Two interactive announced that the ESRB had given the game a preliminary rating of AO, Adults Only. The only problem with this, is that most retailers refuse to carry AO titles. However, an even more pressing matter is that both Nintendo and Sony have company policies that do not allow AO games to be released for their consoles. This was confirmed by them yesterday, effectively leaving Manhunt 2 homeless. I was worried about finding the game before 😛

Not everyone is angry at this, however. This move by the ESRB (not prompted by activist groups AT ALL), is being praised by SOME PEOPLE (aka. JT) as proof that the system actually works. I guess the man had to get his word in edgewise, seeing as he cannot legally deride the game.

Rockstar now has 3 choices:

1. Port the game to the PC

2. Kill of Manhunt 2

3. Tame the game down a bit

My guess is that they’ll go with #3. Although, I think it would be hilarious that after all this controversy, it would turn out that the game completely sucked.

img_sprite1.gif–Kyle “Jastrick”




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