“…raised on buying giant boxes filled with lots of cardboard and a tiny disc…”

15 05 2007

When I was a kid, one of my favorite games was the original Prince of Persia. My parents never liked my love of gaming, so the only time I got to play was at friends’ houses. Being Persian, surrounded by other Persians, PoP could be find on almost all of their computers. I was obsessed. I found the unforgiving controls deliciously difficult, since I was too young to detest them. The swashbuckling heroism made my imagination eagerly wander , never questioning how wholly inaccurate it was.

Years later, when Ubisoft revived the franchise into its current state, I was skeptical. The original game didn’t really age all that well, though I still loved it deep down. But Ubi did a great job, even with Warrior Within—it was emo, but as a whole it was a decent addition to the trilogy, despite certain opinions. So you can imagine how loudly I squeed when I saw this:

From what I’ve read, this is purely a cosmetic change. The game will still play like it always did, and we thank the great overlord Jordan Mechnerfor that. See, this is why I’m glad I bought a 360 over a Wii.





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15 06 2007
“It’s like comparing a night of non-stop sex to a day where you masturbate alot…” « The Birth of a nation

[…] P.S: I think I’m back on the writing hump, so expect an Odin Sphere review soon, and definitely some commentary (not review) on PoP: Classic […]

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