“Just when I thought I was out, the pull me back in…”

10 05 2007

I’m quite impressed with the new Crackdown DLC. Although I got bored of the game after killing the first two gangs, this new stuff may suck me back in. While you’re still paying for content, there’s also a plethora (and I’m not exaggerating) of content that’s free, and almost all of it is freakiin’ sweet. Key’s to the City seems like more content than most companies are dishing out with a price tag, so for it to free is a pretty sweet deal. The addition Vehicle Impounding doesn’t taste as sweet, at least for me, since most of the cars seem pretty generic, even if they are covered in gang tats. I guess they needed a free alternative to the three new vehicles they’re offering in the Premium Pack–though it’s better than no impounding at all.

The Premium stuff is also really juicy. Three new vehicles, a gaggle of additional weapons–dude, fucking Harpoon Gun–and a bunch of new modes and races. All in all, I’d say this is the best DLC patch released to date.

kefka.gif –Persepolian




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