“…Surgery on both his asshole and his middle finger…”

12 04 2007

kefka.gif  Oh Valve.

I’ve spent many moons defending and supporting your previous endeavors. I’ve been saying for years that, as a game, Half-Life and Half-Life 2 were better than Halo. While I hated Counter-Strike with a passion equalled only by my hatred of villains with emo theme music, the game’s popularity was and is undeniable. When you unveiled Steam, it had scores of detractors, but I stood by it, and now it’s one of the only well-received examples of digital distribution. So when you shocked us by splitting Aftermath into three “episodes”, I supported you, despite my reservations. I thought, if there was one company that could do episodic gaming right, one company to keep their word that they would make it work, it would be Valve.

I guess that makes me a fucking moron.

OK, fine, so it may seem unreasonable to be mad at Valve for pushing back a release date. That’s like asking Blizzard to give a release date any time earlier than a week before their game comes out. But it’s not unreasonable. Not at all. Not when you’ve promised your fans that “episodes” will come at set times. Not when your argument was that, by adopting this development format, it will shorten the gap between releases. Not when, after over a year, you’re giving us two 5-or-so hour games and the multiplayer equivalent of a weekend carnival–and you can bet that’s how long the novelty will last.

Whatever. I’m going back to Sam & Max. They may be fucked up, but at least they’re fucking timely.





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