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30 04 2007

With Kyle in Montreal till Thursday, I guess I’ll have to take over video posting for a while. I submit to you, for your consideration: 

I saw this last night, but didn’t think to post it until I saw it on Kotaku. This isn’t the first time he’s covered video game stuff. Colbert’s done it a few times too. Still, this is worth a look.

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“…Yah, it’s called lying. Or when you’re married, it’s called communication…”

28 04 2007

Salon.com, a news/blog site, has a far-too-verbose article up about the absence of marriage in Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar. Specifically, the article reveals that, during Beta testing of the game, Turbine was tampering with the idea of adding marriage to the virtual middle-world. This lead to a heated debate about whether or not to allow for same-sex and inter-species marriage. To resolve the issue, they removed the feature entirely. According to the article, Turbine wanted to stay authentic to the Tolkien mythology–we all remember the grey squirrel fiasco.

Despite going into unnecessary detail about the history of gay gaming–seriously, NannyMUD does not count–the article does raise some interesting questions. Specifically, where is the line between authenticity and limiting the role-playing elements of a role playing game. The write, and many people quoted in the article, makes the assumption that, because Tolkien’s religious beliefs would not have allowed for good ol’ GLBT lovin’, he wouldn’t have really ever thought about it and therefore the whole issue is sort of a non-event. I’m not really sure how that makes sense. Not to say that fact is true or untrue, but how would that in anyway effect how accepting the game is now towards homosexuals? Worrying about authenticity seems a little strange when Tolkien’s family has always been against commercialising Middle Earth lore, especially Tolkien himself.

As much as I would love to claim that gaming has become more progressive in the last ten years–acceptance of all differen’t kinds people coming together to frag the shit out of each other–homophobia is a huge part of game culture. I have never played an online game that didn’t have homophobic messages texted or voiced. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve done it, and I probably still do it without thinking sometimes. Saying “you fag” or “that’s so gay” is so common in those circles, to the point that I’m pretty sure I started saying those phrases because Unreal Tournament made me inundated to them.

I’m not saying that Turbine refused same-sex and inter-species marriage because they’re homophobic. The authenticity aspect is probably a legitimate reason, but I highly doubt it’s the only one. I just don’t see what the problem is, really. Dwarves are totally gay.


10 Minutes of GH2 and SPM video capturing-goodness

23 04 2007

10 Minutes of Video Capture Fun

Me Testing Video Capture for the Blog, while accidentally 100%-ind DEAD! also includes Super Paper Mario footage.

Jack T. to Bill Gates: It’s On, Bitch.

20 04 2007


Not content with the fact that the VT shooter didnt play games during college, nor that when they searched his room, “Moral Guardian” (Read: Complete Asshat) Jack Thompson decided to take it upon himself to personally blame Bill Gates, head of Microsoft Corp., who published the game some years ago, for the VT Tech massacre.

The Letter via GameAlmighty:

Several Korean youths who knew Cho Seung Hui from his high school days said he was a fan of violent video games, particularly Counterstrike, a hugely popular online game published by Microsoft, in which players join terrorism or counterterrorism groups and try to shoot each other using all types of guns.’”

Mr. Gates, your company is potentially legally liable the harm done at Virginia Tech. Your game, a killing simulator, according to the news that used to be in the Post, trained him to enjoy killing and how to kill. You knew five years ago that your on-line game, Counterstrike, so clearly figured in the massacre by a student in Erfurt that the event and the game impacted the race for Chancellor in Germany at the time!

Yet, here you are, five years after “Erfurt,” still marketing Counterstrike. having done nothing to disable the server(s) for this mass murder simulator, and it looks like “Virginia Tech” is a consequence. There’s more going on in the world than Vista. Just ask the bereaved Virginia Tech families.

Mr. Gates, pull the plug on Counterstrike today, or do we need more dead to convince you? “Virginia Tech” was the 9-11 of school shootings, and it appears Microsoft is in the middle of it, in more ways than one.

If this isnt more proof that Jack is Batshit insane, I dont know what is. Bill is known to sand up for his good name. I wouldnt be surprised if we saw either a formal apology from JT (Unlikely) or a court case in a couple of days.

As My CoWorker so elequently stated: This would be like me going around the Dagobah system, mocking Stormtroopers, and then wtiting a letter to the Emperor himself. That would be crazy.

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Review: Super Paper Mario

18 04 2007


For many Wii owners like myself, there havent really been many decent Action-Adventure games for the console. It started off with the bang that was Twilight Princess, but ever since then, it’s been slim pickings (Elebits, and Godfather…… Is that really it?). Well, your wait is over, with the release of Super Paper Mario.

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Possibly the most awesomest video EVER.

18 04 2007

That’s right. I said Awesomest.

Now, before you get your panties in a knot (MC is a gurl? WTF n00b!), that is a spartan but its not MC, it’s Nicole from DOA4. The quality on this video is SUPERB. The guy’s even got the Jiggle Physics down pact. Two thumbs up.

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Video Games defended by…….. Rush Limbaugh?

18 04 2007


 The Video Games industry found itself a very unlikely defender today. With the aftermath of the Virginia Tech. shooting yesterday, the proverbial “witch hunt” has begun to prove some connection to the Gaming Industry. The Washington Post even went as far to claim that he trained on CounterStrike. However, on his daily radio show earlier today, Rush Limbaugh found himself to be a defender of the Industry that we all know and love. Yes, the man who made fun of Michael J. Fox’s parkinsons disease is actually the only person in the media with a bit of sense right now.

CALLER: What I really think is an issue is video violence, video gaming. I will guarantee you, I’ll bet my last dollar in my pocket, that this shooter will be found to have been a compulsive video gamer, and when people are living that kind of lifestyle — and college students do this a lot. (I would not be surprised if this turned out to be JT himself. I’m watching you, Jacko.)

RUSH: (sigh) Let’s say you’re right. Not every video gamer goes out and murders 33 people on the college campus though. There’s more to this than that. We can find all kinds of societal problems and ills, but the fact of the matter is that whatever you would look at as a bad influence — video games as you mentioned — it may desensitize people, but it doesn’t turn everybody into mass murderers.

I know it’s natural that everybody wants to throw their theories into this, and perhaps come up with perhaps a unique explanation or to understand, and I think it’s natural, because people have a tough time accepting a relatively simple explanation for something of this scale. But how many people are playing video games out there? How many millions of people play video games, and how many millions of people have guns?

If you start blaming the video games, you may as well demand video game control because it’s the same thing when you start trying to blame guns for this. You have here a sick individual, an evil individual who committed a random act. But if you want to start blaming the video games, this guy was this or that, weeeeell, then you’ve gotta maybe talk about banning them because that’s the same tack that’s taken with guns. You got one guy who used a gun that’s it. You’re falling prey to the same way the Drive-Bys propagandize, and that’s, “Well, we need gun control! We gotta get guns out of the hands of people.”

So you gotta be real careful here not to paint with broad brushes on these things. You gotta be very careful not to plug this into your own individual political prism, because then you become no different than what the Drive-Bys are doing. If you just wait, eventually we’ll find out more than we want to know about this guy, and you’re going to have to listen to what’s reported about this guy with keen ears, and you’re going to have to read with sharp eyes out there, because the Drive-Bys are going to report about this guy in ways that will advance their political agenda because that’s what this story is to them.

Wow. The first media outlet to defend the gaming industry, and it’s the guy who mocks diseased people. The full transcript of the show can be found on his website. The text above was taken from the Transcript by Brian Crecente of Kotaku.

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