Some perspective please–it’s just an Xbox

11 12 2005

The phone rings. I moan out of frustration and fatigue. I let it ring while I muster the courage to pick up the receiver. “I have a job to do. Maybe it’ll be different this time,” I tell myself, as sweat begins to trickle down my forehead. My hand trembles as I reach for the phone and nervously press it to my ear. “Hello, CompuSmart West Edmonton Mall,” I say into the receiver, trying not to let my voice crack. I hear heavy breathing on the other end. I can tell he’s as anxious as all the others, and I know what he wants. “Hey, uh, do you have any Xbox 360s?”

Now, I understand the mentality. The idea is that this newfangled gaming system is the coolest distraction machine ever to be invented. It has all the latest technology, and in the case of the Xbox 360, it’s also very aesthetically pleasing.

So, you go to your nearest gaming store and pre-order yourself one of these $500 systems that you can’t afford. You take out a loan if you have to. You then proceed to take the week after the launch off of work and school, feigning illness or death, or whatever you have to do to fulfill your desire to play with the system when it arrives before you ejaculate uncontrollably into your Joe Boxer underoos. Believe me, I understand. My laundry bills are huge. But fellow gamers, I ask you this: do you have to be so fucking stupid about it?

From the moment I walked into our store, I saw a lineup with far more people than the number of systems we even had, so I knew there’d be problems. Upon entering, I was accosted by two boys in black jackets who proceeded to offer me $100 cash on top of the list price to sell them one of the pre-ordered Xboxes. Now, considering the fact that I could sell one on Ebay for $1000, I really didn’t see much benefit in this plan, which was pathetic and moronic to begin with.

Ah, but the best was yet to come. Amidst all the tears of disappointment and anxious nerd-sweat, there was a 20-year-old boy—I know, because I checked his ID—who was so disappointed he wasn’t one of the people whose pre-orders we could fill that he actually got his mother to come with him to the store, who then threatened to call our head office if we didn’t fill her son’s pre-order. Did I mention that he was 20?

I mean, everyone who’s in any way involved with this system—as a consumer or otherwise—should have read, or should have been informed by a salesman like me, that Microsoft is shorting everyone, everywhere—except for the people at the launch party, every single one of whom was given a system. The logistics behind this move are irrelevant at this point, and the info is out there if you really want to know.

The fact is, of all the CompuSmarts in Edmonton, my store got the most Xbox 360s, of both core and premium models. We got ten of them in total, with 36 pre-orders to fill. So what makes people think that we can magically shit out an Xbox at their desire? Why act like such nitwits, like such immature man-boys whose thumbs need to constantly move in a butto- pressing motion? Why, dear god, are some of my compatriots so fucking stupid?

It’s people like that that give gamers a bad name. You give Jack Thompson and his band of mothers-against-humanity fuel for their witch hunts. You people need to realize that, in the end, it’s just a gaming console. Is it important? If it’s your passion, as it is in my case, then perhaps. That doesn’t mean that I’d get my mommy to whine about it for me. Until you learn to exercise some self-control, you don’t deserve your pre-order.

Besides, I already sold it on Ebay.




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30 08 2007

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2 09 2007

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